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Unmarried are Invisible, Forgotten

February 27 – UE comments are carried by United Press International.

Living Single Comes at a HIGH Price

Over 1,300 federal laws and discriminatory practices by corporations result in single adults potentially paying over $1 million more for necessities such as taxes, housing, health insurance, and car insurance during their lifetimes than legally married counterparts.  They are charged premiums for travelling alone, miss out on “family” discounts, and have to form loose coops in […]

Why Our Tax Code Penalizes the Marriage-Free

New York Times –  Sunday Dialogue: Lifestyle and Taxes   The author raises the obvious complaint about how unfair the U.S. tax code is.  Some of the reponses underscore ignorance about how expensive it is to live without marriage benefits.

Hospital Discrimination Continues

Despite the regulations proposed in April 2010 and implemented in January 2011, hospitals continue to deny visitation rights to partners.  In addition to being illegal, this practice is simply inhumane.  Read more.

Tax Season Highlights Unfair Treatment

This New York Times article, “How the IRS Punishes Working Parents,” is in response to a piece titled “How the IRS Hurts Mothers.”