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American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Advocates Marriage for Health and Other Benefits. Sign our Petition!

ACOG’s endorsement of same-sex marriage states that it  “advocates for all of our patients’ health and well-being,” but does nothing of the sort.  It recommends marriage as  a means to financial security and improved benefits in healthcare, social security, and shared property.   Unmarried Equality calls ACOG on its perpetuation of marital status discrimination in a […]

Celebrating Progress in the Face of Those Who Fear It

We try to keep on top of activities that work against our goals, and wanted to share something that recently came through our media alerts. Here at Unmarried Equality we advocate for unmarried, cohabiting and polyamorous relationships.  Within the “unmarried” category we recognize single people,  those in committed relationships, those in legal domestic partnerships, and […]

Unmarried Equality Petitions Condo Association to Stop Discrimination on the Basis of Marital Status

In response to a story out of Florida, UE has launched a petition to stop a condo association’s refusal to sell units to unmarried couples and families. The practice not only violates the rights of qualified purchasers, it prevents association members from marketing to the largest pool possible when selling their properties. Let them know […]

Singles Over 50 Giving Up the “Hunt”

In AARP’s The Magazine August/September issue, Marion Winik talks about the fulfilling lives of older singles – and the enjoyment of relieving themselves of the search for a partner.

WHDT News Network asks Cindy Butler, “What is Marriage? What is Family?” (July 2013)

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