More Companies Are Telling Same-Sex Couples to Get Married or Lose Their Benefits

As same-sex marriage victories pile up, more and more employers are dropping domestic partner benefits, telling their gay and lesbian employees that if they want benefits, they will have to marry. Read more about it at the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. They are cutting them for straight unmarried couples too. As obviously its unfair to just cut them for unmarried gays while leaving benefits intact for unmarried straights. But of course at the same time creating an unfairness for unmarried people, who are required to subsidize married people.

    Please keep in mind that it is unfair for uncoupled singles — those not in a formal domestic partner or marriage relationship — to be subsidizing those who are. Defining a new marriage-lite with benefits and forcing uncoupled singles to pay for them — on top of having to subsidize regular marriage — is not a step forward.