Celebrating Progress in the Face of Those Who Fear It

We try to keep on top of activities that work against our goals, and wanted to share something that recently came through our media alerts. Here at Unmarried Equality we advocate for unmarried, cohabiting and polyamorous relationships.  Within the “unmarried” category we recognize single people,  those in committed relationships, those in legal domestic partnerships, and […]

WHDT News Network asks Cindy Butler, “What is Marriage? What is Family?” (July 2013)

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Wendy Davis’ Family of Choice: Why Rick Perry Just Doesn’t Get It

On June 25th, Wendy Davis, Harvard law graduate and Democratic Texas state senator held a filibuster for a full 11 hours with no food, water, and without being allowed to sit, or even lean on anything for support. The filibuster stopped Senate Bill 5, a firm anti-abortion law, from being passed before the end of […]

The Rand Corporation’s New and Misleading Study

In June 2013, the Rand Corporation released a study called, “Cohabitation and Marriage Intensity: Consolidation, Intimacy, and Commitment” based on 2010 Census data. The study addresses general societal anxiety over rising divorced rates by looking at the effect of cohabitation before marriage. In other words, the authors of this study ask: do divorce rates rise […]