George Will is Beyond Ridiculous

On this Sunday’s (July 28, 2013) news show, “This Week,” George Will once again provided a sound bite that is so outrageous you will not believe that it came from an experienced political analyst. Fortunately, retribution was swift and loud, as hundreds of bloggers immediately called him out for the backward ideology upon which he relies. What did he say this time? He blamed Detroit’s bankruptcy on its “culture,” specifically naming single mothers as a major cause of the city’s demise. It is far easier to target a particular group of people he deems irresponsible than to acknowledge the lack of support the city should have received during its years of manufacturing decline, unemployment, and ensuing poverty. Poverty results in single mothers – single mothers do not cause poverty. And what about the single fathers? Men without intent to support their children or the economic means to do so are also a critical factor in the end product of children being born to unmarried parents, are they not? Would the marriage of pregnant women to unemployed or irresponsible men have saved Detroit? George Will, climb off your high horse, educate yourself, and talk about the real causes of our country’s economic decline. Better yet, just stop embarrassing yourself.

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