Hospital Discrimination Continues

Despite the regulations proposed in April 2010 and implemented in January 2011, hospitals continue to deny visitation rights to partners.  In addition to being illegal, this practice is simply inhumane.  Read more.

Tax Season Highlights Unfair Treatment

This New York Times article, “How the IRS Punishes Working Parents,” is in response to a piece titled “How the IRS Hurts Mothers.”

Kansas Supreme Court Upholds Adoption by Same-Sex Parents

On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court issued a ruling protecting the rights of same-sex couples to both be recognized as the legal parents of the children they are raising together. Read more.

Romantic Ideal of Marriage Firmly Entrenched

A Pew Research Study shows that Love rules as the main reason people would marry.  Beyond that, attitudes about the traditional most important reasons to wed- lifelong commitment, having children, and companionship- are not seen as compelling to unmarried  adults.  Read more.

Florida Domestic Partnership Bill Stalls

TALLAHASSEE —  Vowing not to give up, Democratic state Sen. Eleanor Sobel delayed a committee vote of a domestic partnership bill that looked unlikely to pass and still faces long odds. The bill, which Sobel has been trying to pass for five years, would have extended rights of married couples in areas such as health benefits, […]

New Law Allows VA Unmarried Couples to Live Together

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – The thousands of unmarried Virginia couples who are living together would no longer be breaking the law under legislation advanced by a House committee.

Pentagon to Extend Certain Benefits to Same-Sex Partners

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta is preparing to expand benefits to same-sex partners of military personnel, but it remained doubtful that the Pentagon could offer the medical, dental and housing allowances desired by gay and lesbian couples, officials said Tuesday.

Lesbian Couple And Hairdresser Sperm Donor To All Be Listed On Baby’s Birth Certificate

A Florida judge has approved an adoption allowing three people — a gay man and a married lesbian couple — to be listed on the birth certificate of their 23-month-old daughter.