Is America Really a ‘Singles Nation’?

A Psychology Today blogger considers the Christian Science Monitor cover story declaring that the U. S. is a “singles nation” and asks whether that really is so. What are the criteria for whether a country really is a “singles nation”? Read more here.

“Singles Nation”: Christian Science Monitor Cover Story

In the cover story, “Singles nation: Why so many Americans are unmarried,” the Christian Science Monitor interviews UE Board Chair Sarah Wright. Read the story here.

Legal Protections for Nontraditional Families and Relationships

At, Diana Adams notes: “Over 50 percent of American adults are unmarried, yet many of those people are nonetheless part of families or relationships that could and should benefit from official status.” She describes ways in which unmarried Americans can get some of the legal protections that married people get automatically,  

Advocate of Marriage Equality Now Wants Equality for Singles

A long-time advocate of marriage equality is now making the case for equality for singles. In his thoughtful article, James Lopata interviewed UE Board Chair Sarah Wright, who told him that UE is trying to “reignite a conversation” about fairness, so that ultimately, our public policies will be marriage-neutral. Read the entire Boston Globe story […]

Our Concepts of Family Are Expanding, and Our Laws Need to Catch Up

In an important article, “When 8 adults and 3 children are family,” Hugh Ryan reviews many of the ways that contemporary Americans are creating family, and argues that laws should be rewritten to reflect how Americans are actually living. He interviewed Sarah Wright, UE Chair of the Board of Directors, who lamented that “the state […]

UE Article in the NY Times

Society Needs to Look Beyond Marriage – NYTimes.comThe emphasis on the couple as the center of family life is declining. By Sarah Wright. View on  

WHDT News Network asks Cindy Butler, “What is Marriage? What is Family?” (July 2013)

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Unmarried Equality on HuffPost Live

May 20, 2013. Unmarried Equality participated in a panel discussion generated by our petition to the American Academy of Pediatrics. There was no support for the AAP assertion that a legal marriage provides the best parenting environment for children. Watch the show.

Unmarried with children:Does being married make people better parents?

May 14 – The Chicago Tribune follows up on UE’s petition to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Unmarried are Invisible, Forgotten

February 27 – UE comments are carried by United Press International.