Domestic Partner Benefits

Domestic partner benefits (also called DP benefits) are benefits given to unmarried couples (same-sex and different-sex) that give them some rights similar to married couples. Most of the information in this section is about domestic partner health benefits, one of the subjects we get asked about more than any other (now that health insurance has become one of the most concrete benefits of marriage). You’ll also find some information about “soft benefits” like bereavement leave and time off from work to care for an ill partner.

The Domestic Partner Benefits section includes:

Domestic Partner Benefits FAQ
Answers to your questions about how to get DP benefits, and what to do if your employer has a “gays-only” DP benefits policy and you’re a different-sex couple.

Statistics on Domestic Partner Benefits

Domestic Partnership Benefits Information
Information from the Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples, including philosophy and provider information.

Campaign for Domestic Partner Benefits for federal employees
UE members call for the federal government to be a great employer. 

Domestic Partner Benefits Articles and Op-Eds
Our writings on this subject. Use the arguments that fit your situation to fight for equal benefits!