Facts and Fun

Do unmarried people have more fun? We’re not sure, but we do have a good time collecting all sorts of fun fodder. Send us your suggestions for what to add!

By the numbers, everything from how many unmarried people live in the U.S. to how much we contribute to the economy to how many of us need better health insurance.

Experts Speak
Quotes from respected experts who support and confirm the Alternatives to Marriage Project’s perspective.

Legal and Financial Issues
Whether you’re living with one partner or many, whether your partnership is same-sex or different-sex, one day you’ll have questions. We help you find answers.

Books Lists
We probably have the world’s largest collection of books on unmarried issues. If it exists, you should find it here.

Famous Unmarried People
From Presidents to rock stars, and it’s not just about couples!

Song Lyrics
Our newest collection has been growing fast! Includes lyrics from Barry Manilow to the Dixie Chicks.

Quote this!
Everyone’s got something snide to say about the institution of marriage.

Introducing Your Unmarried Sweetie
Ideas for anyone who’s ever fumbled through, “This is my — uh, my…um….”

Unmarried Etiquette
Tips to share with your Uncle Edgar and that nosy lady at the health club.

Social, Cultural and Historical Critiques of Marriage and Family
For the deep thinkers and big readers among us.