Living Single Comes at a HIGH Price

Over 1,300 federal laws and discriminatory practices by corporations result in single adults potentially paying over $1 million more for necessities such as taxes, housing, health insurance, and car insurance during their lifetimes than legally married counterparts.  They are charged premiums for travelling alone, miss out on “family” discounts, and have to form loose coops in order to benefit from bulk purchasing.  The common perception that singles live irresponsible lives spending inordinate amounts of discretionary income on entertainment, clothing and the like contributes to the ignorance surrounding the costs of living single.  They do not benefit from the Social Security system the ways couples do, and cannot leave the money earned toward Social Security to a loved one when they die.  The bloggers at calculated these costs and published their findings in The Atlantic.  While they do not claim to be accountants, the numbers are disturbing.  We encourage you to read this article, and if  you agree that the assignment of benefits based on marital status is full-blown discrimination, forward it to everyone you know.


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