Get Involved: Volunteer!

Unmarried Equality has one full-time staff person at this time.  We have big plans for growth, but know that without help we can’t achieve them.

We are a completely virtual organization.  We do not have an office in which volunteers may work.  All of our volunteers must be able to work independently, using their own technology.  While we don’t want to turn away an eager volunteer, please understand that we simply don’t have the capacity to train at this time.  We completely agree that volunteering for a nonprofit is a great way to enter the community and develop skills that can lead to a permenent position.  We are simply not a candidate for that sort of experience at this time.

To give you an example of our needs, we recently secured help from a volunteer who designed our new website, and a branding expert who helped us determine a new name and logo.  People who can volunteer at this level can make a huge impact in a small nonprofit such as Unmarried Equality.

What we need are skilled, self-motivated people who want to put their talents to use for the good of an organization promoting Unmarried Equality.  Specifically, we could use assistance with:

  • Media relations and story placement;
  • Watching for changes in state activities related to our mission;
  • Grantwriting; and
  • Cultivating personal relationships with potential donors.

If any of these activities appeal to you, please contact Unmarried Equality and tell us what a meaningful volunteer experience would look like.  If you have one, please attach a resume or bio.  We will follow up with you to try to craft an activity that will not only help us, but fulfill your desire to volunteer.