So You Want To Support the Boycott, But You’re Already Married?

Not everyone is able to take part in the Marriage Boycott. Maybe you’re already married, or maybe staying unmarried isn’t an option for you because you need an essential legal benefit of marriage (like the right to sponsor a partner for immigration purposes). You can still count yourself as a proud Marriage Boycott supporter! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Make a donation to Unmarried Equality. Marriage’s legal rights and benefits have a significant dollar value — what is being married worth to you? How much do you save on health insurance, tax benefits, legal documents, and peace of mind knowing your spouse will always be recognized as your next of kin? Consider donating that amount, or part of it, to help make these rights and protections available to a wider variety of relationship and family forms.
  • Let us know you’re a supporter. Stand up and be counted! It would be valuable to have an estimate of how many unmarried couples are taking part in the Boycott, and another estimate of how many additional married couples consider themselves Boycott supporters.
  • If you’re having a wedding or celebrating an anniversary, use the event to educate your friends. Tell them what you believe about same-sex marriage, and maybe even encourage them to give donations in your honor in lieu of gifts. Many couples have listed in their wedding registries donations to Unmarried Equality and other groups working for LGBT rights — you can let people know on your own, or use the wedding registry site In addition to Unmarried Equality, consider donations to groups like Lambda Legal Defense and GLAD.
  • Vote for politicians who support equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.
  • Be an ally to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Check out these sites for ideas of things you can do:
  • Human Rights Campaign’s “Coming Out as a Straight Ally”
  • University of Vermont’s “Becoming an Ally to LGBTQ People”