We use the term “marriagefree” to refer to people who have made a conscious decision not to get married, or are actively opposed to marriage. It includes single people and those in relationships. The term is related to the idea of “childfree,” people who choose not to have children but object to the term “childless,” which implies they are lacking something. Unmarried people who are marriagefree feel their lives (and/or their relationships) are whole and complete without marriage.

Not everyone involved with Unmarried Equality would put themselves in this category. Many hope or plan to marry someday. Some can’t marry. Some are boycotting marriage temporarily, until same-sex couples have the right to marry. And many UE supporters are already married. But obviously, an organization called Unmarried Equality needs space for the subgroup of people who want to stay as far away from marriage as they possibly can. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place. Most marriagefree types take a “to each his/her own” attitude, and don’t care if other people get married, as long as their decision not to is respected. Others think anyone who participates in the institution is making a big mistake.

In this Marriagefree neck of the woods, no one will ask you why a nice girl/boy like you hasn’t tied the knot yet. Some resources that might interest you are below.