UE-Talk Guidelines

UE-Talk is the discussion list for Unmarried Equality. This list is for singles, people in relationships (married and unmarried), and professionals with an interest in the subject of people who choose not to marry or are unable to marry. It began from a vision that unmarried people needed a national community to talk, share ideas and experiences, and find support. New subscribers are welcome to jump in with questions or introductions. The list is not archived.


This list has three primary guidelines related to posting:

  1. Postings to the list must relate directly to marriage or alternatives to marriage. We have experimented with various ways to define the list topics, and have concluded that this definition keeps the most people on the list happy — this is what people hoped to read and talk about when they subscribed.
  2. Disagreeing with others’ ideas is welcome. Attacking people as individuals is NOT okay. In general, UE-Talk is intended to be a supportive, informative community for unmarried people.
  3. Postings must contain new information — very short messages like, “I agree!” or “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” do not add information and force hundreds of subscribers to spend time opening a message. Of course, you are always welcome to send those kinds of messages privately to
    the person with whom you agree.

UE-Talk is a moderated list. This means that all postings are forwarded to a moderator, who generally approves all messages for the list unless they violate one of the three guidelines above. Usually, the moderator will let a subscriber know the first time s/he submits a message that is not approved for the list. For later violations, the moderator may simply not approve the message, without notifying the sender. Occasional mistakes are understandable; repeated instances of ignoring the list guidelines could result in a subscriber being unsubscribed.

Postings written by UE-Talk subscribers may not be reprinted, quoted publicly, or forwarded to other lists without the permission of the author.


Things to keep in mind when posting to the list:

  • If you’re replying to someone else’s message, please delete all but the relevant sections of the earlier message(s). Since some subscribers receive many messages compiled into a digest, this helps keep the digest to a manageable size.
  • If you’re replying to a message you received in a digest, please change the subject line to reflect the subject of the message (rather than the default subject, “ATMP-TALK Digest [dates]”).
  • UE-Talk currently has between over 600 subscribers. This is a diverse group, including those who support the mission of Unmarried Equality, and some who may disagree with it. Anyone who chooses to post to the list should be aware that their posting will be read by those with a variety of perspectives on the issues.


To subscribe, please fill out our Subscribe form and check off either: