Kelly Carter


Chuck Rees, Branding Consultant

In a world saturated with me-too outfitsUE stood out to me as daringlydistinctive, relevant and specific enough to make a difference.

When I discovered executive director Cindy Butler was gearing up to spearhead a branding reboot, the possibilities gave me that elusive ingredient I need to do my best work, namely lots of enthusiasm.

The board went with the suggestion to change the organizations’ name from Alternatives to Marriage Project to Unmarried Equality as they were seeking something that better reflects their focus on fair treatment regardless of marital status.

Even more thrilling, my logo design was deemed a success and utilized.

The four figures arereflective of an emphasis on community and the combined strength of unmarried groups with diverse lifestyles(view the rationale document here).

Beyond the professional connection, UE’s goals resonate with me personally.

Historically those who’ve reached the pinnacle of creative and scientific pursuits have often been atypical in their style of living. For these forerunners doing what society expected of them was hardly a life worth living regardless of the socialrepercussions.

As an ever-increasing number question if the default adult template of marriage with children is for them, it’s high time business, government and public opinion better accommodates the shift.

Chuck Rees is a graphic designer, branding consultant and ad aficionado. His creative boutique nufluxmedia helps businesses to find their voice in terms of mass communication.