Welcome to Unmarried Equality, home of the blog of singles rights expert and advocate Bella DePaulo! After 20 years of standing up for fairness and equal treatment of all people regardless of marital status, Unmarried Equality has transitioned away from being an active nonprofit organization. If you are looking for research or are a member of the press looking for an expert on unmarried people, please contact the Council on Contemporary Families. For grassroots legal advocacy, contact the Woodhull Freedom Foundation. In addition to Bella’s blog, the pages of this site will remain as an information resource about unmarried issues, although not all pages will be actively updated. Thanks for your many years of interest and support!

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Great Labor Market? Not for Single People

“A modern economy should work for all people, including those who want to live independently of spouses and partners.” –Center for American Progress

6 Married Therapists Spent 18 Months Confronting Their Own Biases Against Single Women

Recently, a mental health professional sent me an email full of degrading and disproved claims about single people. When I objected, he insisted that there was nothing wrong with any of his statements. It so alarmed me that a person with the job of helping other people, including single people, could have such demeaning and […]

Israeli Scholar Calls for the Politicization of Singlehood

To say that someone is politicizing something is typically a rebuke. The person who is accused is supposed to deny any political intent, or retreat in shame.

How Kindness and Customs Contribute to the Wealth Advantage of People Who Marry: The Example of Weddings

Over the course of a lifetime, single people spend tens of thousands of dollars on the weddings of other people. Their married siblings receive about $20,000 toward their wedding expenses from their parents and parents-in-law. These financial transfers grow out of kindness and customs, but they contribute to wealth inequality between people who marry and […]

The Injustices of Unmarried Life Have Been Named, and the Terms Are Sticking

When I first started studying single life two decades ago, there were no terms for the injustices faced by people who are not married. In fact, one of the most daunting challenges was trying to persuade others that people who are single are targets of stereotyping, stigmatizing, marginalization, and discrimination – or that any such […]