Affirmation of Family Diversity Signatories

Initial signatories:
(Please note, affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.)

Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, Unmarried Equality

David Abbott, Liaison to the Gay Community, AIDS Project Rhode Island

Constance R. Ahrons, Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program; Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California; Board Member, Council on Contemporary Families

Ashton Applewhite, author of Cutting Loose: Why Women Who End Their Marriages Do So Well

Jane Ariel, Ph.D., Professor, Wright Institute

S.A. Bachman, MFA, THINK AGAIN artist/activist collaborative

Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Acting Director Marriage and Family Therapy Track, University of Massachusetts Boston, Graduate College of Education

Anne C. Bernstein, Ph.D., Professor, The Wright Institute; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Berkeley; Vice-President, American Family Therapy Academy

Donald A. Bloch, M.D., Co- Chair, Collaborative Family Healthcare Association

Margaret Cerullo, Professor of Sociology and Feminist Studies, Hampshire College

Peter A. Chvany, Ph.D.

Thomas Coleman, Executive Director, Amerian Association for Single People

Scott Coltrane, Ph.D, Professor and Chair of Sociology and Associate Director, Center for Family Studies, University of California, Riverside

William A. Courson, FLLA, Executive Director & Chief Legal Officer, The Magnus Hirschfeld Centre for Human Rights

Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, LCSW, LMFT, DVS

Vanja Dukic, M.Sc., Brown University

Paula Ettelbrick, Family Policy Director, Policy Institute of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force

Chris F. Fariello, MA, MFT, psychotherapist

Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, City College of New York and Director, Center for the Study of Time, Work, and the Family, Ackerman Institute for the Family

Andrea Friedman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, History and Women’s Studies, Washington University, St. Louis

Marilyn Friedman, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Washington University, St. Louis

Jane Fronek, M.A., Researcher, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University

Nanette Funk, Professor, Philosophy Department, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Naomi Gerstel, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts

Barry Glassner, author of The Culture of Fear; Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California

Woody Glenn, Co-Founder, Bisexual Resource Center

Suzanne B. Goldberg, Rutgers-Newark School of Law

Robert-Jay Green, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Family/Child Psychology Training, Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco Bay Area Campus, Alliant University

Rosanna Hertz, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, Chair of Women’s Studies, Wellesley College

Peter Hill, Attorney

Greg Hines, Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville, FL

Karen Hossfeld, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology Department, San Francisco State University

Alison M. Jaggar, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

Rachel Kahn-Hut, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, San Francisco State University

Elana Katz, Faculty, Ackerman Institute for the Family

Sheeri Kritzer, Bisexual Resource Center Board of Directors

Demie Kurz, Ph.D., Co-Director, Women’s Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Deva A. Kyle, Unmarried Equality Board of Directors

Lawrence Levner, Clinical Director, Family Therapy Practice Center of Washington, DC

Elmy Martinez, Founder, Adoption Resource Exchange for Single Parents

Rev. James Maynard, American Baptist Concerned

Buck G. Miller, Ph.D.

Suzanne Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, State University of New York at Oneonta

Linda Nicholson, Ph.D., Susan E. and William P. Stiritz Distinguished Professor of Women’s Studies and Professor of History, Washington University, St. Louis

Sherry B. Ortner, Ph.D., Department of Anthropology, Columbia University

Policy Institute of the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force

Nancy D. Polikoff, Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law

Ellen Pulleyblank Coffey, Ph.D., Smith College; Co-Chair, Council on Contemporary Families

Barbara Risman, Co-Editor, Contemporary Sociology; Professor of Sociology, North Carolina State University; Board of Directors, Council on Contemporary Families

Bjorn Sandstede, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

C. Kelly Smith, M.S.W.

Judith Stacey, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California

William R. Stayton, M.Div., Th.D., Adjunct Professor of Education and Coordinator, Human Sexuality Program, Widener University

Valerie Tobin

Heidi L. Vanderheiden, M.S.

Walter vom Saal, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, State University of New York at Oneonta

Arthur Warner, Director, American Association for Personal Privacy

Julia F. Weber, J.D., MSW

Henrietta L. Wiley, ABD Harvard University, Biblical Studies

Dan Woog, author of Friends and Family: True Stories of Gay America’s Straight Allies

Sarah A. Wright, MSW, LICSW

Alice C. Yew, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Alternatives to Marriage Project Board of Directors

Additional Signatories

Ken AbramsonA. Elizabeth Adams

Emmaly Adams

Kimberly M. Adams

Laura Adams, Ph.D.

Mark C. Adams

Noel Adams-Hartt

Cassandra Agnew

Lynnette Agostini

Bilal Ahmad

Usman Ahmed

Reed Aiken

Melissa Alameda

Kathryn Albert, University of Oregon

Sasha Albertini

Larissa Aletti

Dale Alexander, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Houston

Annmarie M. Allen

Lisa Allen, LPN

Michaelangelo Francis Allocca

Rebecca AlSuwaidi

Jennifer Ambler

Brady Amoon, Artist

Cindy Andberg

Amy Andersen

Heather Andersen, Teacher

Carol S. Anderson, LPN

Jordan Anderson

Lyssa Andersson, Unitarian Universalist Association District Trainer, Our Whole Lives

Evan G. Andrews, BBA, Retired Military

Christa R. Ansbergs

Jennifer Ansley

Ticia Antinori, MCSE

Saralyn Anziano

Chuck Anziulewicz, AIDS Educator, West Virginia Bureau for Public Health

Suzanne L. Apel, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship

Karen Aporta

Cynthia Armistead

Jennifer L. Armstrong

Kimberly Armstrong

Virginia R. Armstrong, Ed. D.

Lauralee Arnold

M.L. Arthur

Anna Asbury

Margaret Asbury

Jennifer Ashford-Byers

Alexandra P. Austin, artist, owner of Austin Creations, college teacher

Elizabeth Avery

Miriam Axel-Lute

Pamela S. Bachman

Marti Backus

Rebecca Bailey

Meghan Bainum

Marguerite Bair

Renee Baird

Sara Baird

Maria Bakaroudis, M.A., Certified Sexuality Educator, International Sexual Health Consultant

Amy Ruth Baker, Ed.M.

Anna Baker, RMT

Ian Baker

Sanjeeva Balasuriya, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, Oberlin College

Chris Baldwin, UK Public Health Family Therapist

Kathleen T. Baldwin, B.S., M.S.S., Unitarian Universalist of the Cumberland Valley

Karl E. Balliet, BS

Erica Ballinger

Gretchen Balmer

Eric Banks

Colene Bantz

Julie Barber

Chris Barber

Kathleen A. Bare

Brian Barlow

Ruby Barmes

Kathy Barnard

Nicholas Barnard

Heather L. Barnes

Jaye Barnes-Luckett, Founder/President, Go Little Records

Erica Barrett Kenny

John Barrett

Erika M.D. Barrie, J.D.

Glenn Barrows

B. Barry

Jennifer Barry, MSW, LCSW

Barbara J. Bartels, MSLS, librarian/teacher, Unitarian Universalist

Doug Bates

Johanna Bates

Angela Baxter

Gabrielle Guerrero Bayme

Michael Bayouth. M.Ed

Jon Bazinet

Eric L Beach

Nicholas Beach

Reverend Mustang Beam, PhD, Beam Ministry

Leslie Beauregard

Rachel Beauregard

Elizabeth Beck

Mary H. Beck, MSW, Manager of Research Service, University of Houston, Graduate School of Social Work

The Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B. Becker

Emily A. Beighley

Petra M. Beierschmitt

Laurel J. Belding, Unitarian Universalists of Cumberland County, PA

Diane Paige Bellora

Marilyn Bell-Schwede, Ph.D

Chris Bellovary, J.D.


Philip Belove, Ed. D., Director, Dating at Midlife Research Project, Keene State College

Dave Benard

Tammy Bender

A. R. Bennett, JD, Civil Rights Investigator, USDE, OCR

Robert E. Bennett, Ph.D., Professor of Classics, Kenyon College

Demi Benson

Faith Benson

Pat Bentz

Kelly Beranger

Bruce Berg

Jenny Berger

Richard B. Bernstein, Adjunct Professor, New York Law School

Morgan Berry

Patricia Berry

Deborah Bertok

Elizabeth Ann Bessire

Karen Betz

Maria Bevacqua

Lauren J. Bierbaum, MS, MA, Graduate Student, Yale University

Allison Bigelow

Marilyn A. Biggerstaff, DSW, LCSW, Professor, School of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University

Mario Fernandez Bilocora, MicroFinance Consultant, SEAD, Inc.

Ian Bilyj

Steve Birchler

Sabra Birdsall

Amanda Birmingham

Bisexual Resource Center

Cindy Bishop

Kristen Marie Biss

Tracey Bjorksten, PhD, La Trone University, Melbourne, Australia

Janet V. Black, Co-founder, MotherWit

Janet Black

Karen Blackwell

Bernadette Blair

Jeanine Blair

John M Blaszczyk, Instructor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Kenneth A. Bleyer, J.D.

Carl Bloom, Founder & Executive Director of SpeakingOUT, GLBT Speakers Bureau of Boulder County, CO

Victoria Borah Bloom, M.A.

Nakeisha Blue

Kristen T. Bray

Denise Boardman

Laura Bobbitt

Carl Boggess

Paula L Bollinger

Andrea Bon

Leslie Bonfield

Isobel and Dick Bongard

Kathleen Love Bonvisuto

Susanne Bookser, M.A., teacher and social worker

Torey Bookstein

Nancy Boon

Whitney Boon

Emily C. Boone, M.S.W., Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NASW, AAUW

Catherine Borden

Beth Bordner

Erin Boswell

Nancy Bouchard

Sarah Bounds

Berry Bowman

Lee Ann Boyd

Karen Boykin

Maura Boyle

Chyna Brackeen

Bethany Bracken

Chrisiant Bracken

Brian Brackney

Charles J. Bradley

Melanie Bradley

Kristen Brannock, MPH

Vikki Bravo, MSSS, MPA, Social Worker

Judy Breedlove

Rebecca Breidenbach

Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner, National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership

Cat Brenn-Green, ASL Interpreter

Gwen Bridgwater

Ellen J. Briggs

Elsie M. Briggs

Morgaine Fey Brindle

Sueann M. Brinkman, CFC/BSW

Holli Broadfoot, M.Div

Owen R. Broadhurst, Green-Rainbow Party Candidate for State Representative, Third Hampden District, MA

Virginia Brock

Daniel Brodeur

Gaby Brown

Gail Brown

Katie Brown, MBA

Melinda F. Brown

Paula A. Brown

Russell Brunelle

Denise Duarte Bruno, MA

William E. Buffum, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Barry University

Ita Bullard

Konnie Bunch

Johnda Burke

Kimberly A. Burtard

Jeri Bush

Godfrey Buss

C.T. Lawrence Butler, Author of On Conflict and Consensus, Co-Founder of Food Not Bombs

Peter Butler, CNET Networks

Lauren Elizabeth Byerly

Sallie Byrd

Joy Cagle

Nicole Cajori

Mary Caldera

Ron Caldwell

Stephen Caldwell, Sexuality Curriculum Trainer, Southwest Unitarian Universalist Conference

Patricia A. Cameron

Keith Campbell, Priest, Summer Oak, Columbia, Missouri

Liza Campbell

Meghan Julia Campbell

Betty Cannon

Bobbi Jane Cantu

Jeremy Caplan Sc. B., Brandeis University

Rebecca Capolungo-Hartman, Assistant Director, Parks Place Community Resource Center

Kate Caracia

Mary Carper

Cristel Carrell

Bernardo Carrillo, President, Eco Voyager, Inc.

Gabruiel Carrillo

Edward J. Carroll, Lay Minister, First Universalist Church, Denver

Tanya Carroll, Ph.D.

Kent Cartwright

Beth Casebolt, Director of Religious Education, Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation

James Casebolt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Ohio University

Catherine Cashore

Kristin Cashore

Wendy J. Casper, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology

Shawn Cassity, Esq.

Linda Castle

Chianti Castro

Rob Cavenaugh, Legislative Director, Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations

Penny Cazanas, Unitarian Universalist Society

Kate Cell

April Chabot

Sir Damian Chandler, OBE FRS, Ph.D in sociology and politics

Christina M. Chapman

Kristen Chapman

Sandra Chargin

Rebecca Chesin

Courtney Chase

Marshall S. Chase, Masters in Teaching, Unitarian Universalist

Thomas G. Chasm

Michelle Cheuk

A. Kenneth Chiancone, Jr., CMT

Sara Childers

Adrian P. Childs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Christine Chorowski

Linda Christensen, M. Ed.

Sue Christiansen

Anna Churchill

Laurie Cicotello, M.A.T., Essayist in Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing Up With Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Parents

Rudi Cilibrasi

Aislinn Clancy, BBA

Daniel E. Clapp

John Clark, Co-Director, Quixote Center

Kathleen Class

Angela Class

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Denise E. Coats

Donald Coe

Wendy Cofer

Kathleen Coffey

Charles Cogley

Arthur Cohen

Bidemi Coker

Janellen Cole, MSW

Jessica Cole

Tara Cole

William M. Cole

Tyeshia Coles

Jim Collings

Stephen D. Collingsworth, M.A., Assistant Director MultiCultural Center/Coordinator LGBT Issues, Williams College

Jarrod Collins

Jill Collins

Kirsten Collins

Tracie Collins

Stephan D. Collingsworth

Robert Coltman

Cyn Connais

Stephen Connor, B.Sc., M.Clin.Aud., Audiologist, AudioClinic

Kathleen Connolly

Susan Conrad

Meredith Conroy

Elizabeth Cook

K. Cook

Candace Cooper

Deirdre Corbett, Anthropology Coordinator, Market Research

Jack Arnold Corbett, Unitarian Universalist, Second Unitarian Church of Chicago

Janna Cordeiro, MPH

Beth Cornell

LaKay Cornell

D.L. Corvin

Adrian C. Costello

Virginia J. Costich, PFLAG, GLBT Taskforce at Unitarian Church

Nancy Cott, History and American Studies, Yale University

Rob Cotterman, MS, Mental Health Program Director

Carrie Counton

Leah Coursey, MAcc

Samantha Couzens

Cheryl Cowen

Kelly Cowling

Robert Cowles

Mary T. Cowley

Michele Cox, M.A.R.

Amy B. Craig

Rebecca Crane

Jay Craven

Anna Crawford

Judy Crawford

Julie Crawford, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Eve Crevoshay

Janet Crisp

Danaan Crist

Kathryn Crittenden

Seth Croft

Allen Cross

Robert J. Crothers

Scott D. Cummings, Ph.D.

Terry Cunningham

Ron Cupples

Grace Curry

Brian Curtis

Lucas Cushanick

Jo Ann Dale, J.D.

Lisa Dalton, ACSW, LMSW-ACP, University of Texas at Arlington

Shari Daly Millier

Sarah Dance, ScM, Brown University

Anna Daniel

Bryan Daniel

Timothy D. Daniels Jr.

Susan Dankert

Jonathan Darr

Bonny Dattolo

James Dattolo

Jennifer Davidson, MSW

Michael Davidson

Joy Davidson, Ph.D.

Anne Davis

Elizabeth Joy Davis

Sara Davis

Joseph C. Davis

Laurie D’Audney

Christy Day, Director, Milife Learning ™ Collaborative

Deb Dechert

Sheyenne DeCory-Keen

Theresa DeFrancis

Hope T. Deighton

Susan Demas

Michael Demas

Kristee Denny

Kaitlin R. Devin

Leslie Devlin

Rodrigo Diaz

Meshelle Diment

Jennifer Dixon

Joanne Daniels

Dawn Davidson

T. Davidson

Jay Deacon

Rev. Dr. F. Jay Deacon

Kriestienn M De Bruyne

Goldy Decker

Joseph E. Decker

Toni M. Dee, RN, BS

Sarah Deer, J.D.

Allison C. De Marco, MSW, University of Southern California, School of Social Work

Colette DePhelps

Tony DeFilipps

Stephanie Diable

Robette Ann Dias, Anti-racism program manager, Unitarian Universalist Association

Robin Kaelin DiGiovanni

Lisa Di Valentino

Deborah A. Dixon, M.S., Former Regional Organizer, BiNet USA

Denise Doak

Deborah Dodd, PPGLBTA

Sharon Doetsch-Kidder, MA

Amy Dole

Elizabeth Dollard

Maria Dolorico, M. Ed., Mental Health Clinician and HIV Specialist

Sean Donahue, freelance journalist, Executive Director Peace through Inter-American Community Action (PICA)

Kari Donaldson, MS, C.C.C.-SLP

Elisabeth Donato, Ph.D., Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Frances Donovan

Toby Donoway

Peter Dopp, Clinical Psych Doctoral Student, Antioch New England

Maris M. Dopree

Gretchen C. Dorn, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Taryn Dougan

Rev. Michael D. Dowdy, LPN, Phd

Ruthann W. Dowling

Meira Dozier

Mary Kay Dranzo

Paul Duffley

Kim Dukes

Connie L. Duncan

Dawn Duncan

Sue Dunmore

Suzanne Durland, retired educator, Unitarian Universalist

Leia Durland-Jones, Director of Religious Education, Thomas Jefferson Mem. Unitarian Universalist Church

Eustace Durrett, M.A.

Lindsey M. Duval

Rev. Wesle AnneMarie Dymoke

Marah Eakin

Julie Eason

susan eason, Special Education Teacher

Paul Easton, J.D.

Liz Ebersole

Julie D. Eckland, BSW,CSW, Case Manager

Cali Edson

Lizzette Edwards

Stephanie Edwards

Suzanne “Cecylyna” Egbert, Executive Director, Pagan Pride Project, Inc.

Ingrid R. Ehrbar

D. Stanley Eitzen, Ph.D., Professor, Colorado State University (emeritus); Co-Author, Diversity in Families

Barbara Elgin, Chair, Committee of Sexual Minority Issues, National Association of Social Workers, Maryland Chapter

Kassy Ellefson

Amy Ellenbogen, MSW

Yael Eller

Karen Ellis

Jesse Ellis

Heather Ely

Liz Emens

Pam Emery

Will Emmons

Daniel R. England

Martin Engstrom-Heg, J.D.

Jacque Ensign, Associate Professor of Education, Seattle University

Jennifer Erhart

Danielle Ericks

Dwight A. Ernest

Jolene Espinoza

Steven W. Estep

Sarah Estes

David Estrin

Barton A. Evans

E. Lewis Evans

Kim Evernham, MCSE

Michelle “Diva” Eytcheson

Dexter M. Fabi

Saad Faiek

Katherine H. Fair

Laura Faist

Catherine Fae, Esq.

Jennifer M. Fallon

Anton Faradjian

Sarah Farber

Brande Faris, Pagan Goddess

Denis Farr

Beth Farrell, Artist/Poet

Jill E. Farris

Marcy Feibelman

Heather Feig

Mary Feld

George M. Felis, M.A.

Zagzoug Feras

Deneece Ferrales, MSW, Instructor, Our Lady of the Lake University

LJ Fidler

Aaron Fields

Jessica Fields, MA, UNC-Chapel Hill, Lesbian Health Resource Center

Marian Figley

Martha Albertson Fineman, J.D.

Lynn Fingerhut, MSW

Tammy Finkel

Melissa Finnell

Diana Fischer, Kansas City MO Lesbian Friends & Lesbian Information Network

Liane Fisher

Matthew Fitt, J.D., Law Student Organizer, National Lawyers Guild

Hannah Fitting

Christina E. Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Lisa Fitzsimmons

Theresa Flinck, MS

Sarah Florreich, ASA

Susan Flowers

Jennifer Foltz, R.N.

Annie Foncannon, Development and Public Education Officer, Crider Center for Mental Health

Jill Ford

John Forgey, MFA

Margaret Forgey, MSW

Augustus C. Foronda, BFA, Executive Director Bel Arte School of Fine Arts, Philippines

Sara Forsting

Crystal Fortwangler

Nick N. Foster

James Fowler, Harvard University

Terry M. Fowler

Brian Fox, San Francisco Unified School District

Jeff Fox

Judiann Fox

Robin L Fox

Jim Foxwell, Director, Clare House

Deanna Foy

Stephanie Foy, MSW, Director, Center for Organizational Research and Effectivness, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Houston

Talia Fraine

Diana Frames, M.S. in Human Services

Sarah Francis

Rachael Frank

Alan D. Franklin, Ph.D.

Emily Franklin

Liz Franklin

Sharmane Franklin

Melissa Franks

Bobbi Franzen

Lori Freeman

Richard S. Freilich, BBA

Raelene Freitag, ACSW, Ph.D.

C. Freitas

Amy E. French

Philip H. Freund

Heidi Friedman

Vincent Frisina

Reverend Bishop Lance Frizzell-Reynolds, Church of Seven Planes

Lori Fryzel

Rachel Fudge, Senior Editor, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture

Marilyn M. Fuller

Robley J. Futral

Kimberly Gabianelli

Allena Gabosch

Susan Gaeta, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Lisa Galan

Kate Galindo

Dawn Gansert

Gonzalo Garcia, M.D.

Bill L. Garlick

Joel Patrick Gardner

Robin D. Gardner

Renee Garner

Richard L. Garner

Michelle R. Gase

Nancy Gauquier

Chris Gaunt

Patricia Geale, MBA

Luanne Gearhart, LMFT, LPC

Lisa Gee

John Geiger

Kara Geiger

Leah Gencheff

Mike George

Robin George

Judy K. Gerber

Amy Gershman

John Gershman

Marie E. Gibson, Ordained Elder, PCUSA

Samuel Gifford

Kathryn Gilbert

Amy Giles

The Rev. Columba Gilliss

Maria Gilmore

Susan Gladding-Heitzman

Kathy Glass, MSW

Irene Glassman

Clark Glenn

Pat Glenn, MFA

Amy S. Glesius, Esq.

Chandra Glick

Annette Godwin

Kristina L. Goetz

Seth Goldstein

Dalia Gomez

Sonia A. Gomez

Gwen Goodfellow

Steve Goodhall, AB, MS

Lyn Goodnight

Micheal David Goodwin

Mandi Sue Gordey

Linda Gordon, PhD, Professor of History at NYU

Ruthanna Gordon, SUNY Stony Brook

Catherine Gormley

Valerie Graff

Cindy L. Grantham

Dana Grasman

Adriana Gray

Joan Gray, Dp Adult Nursing

Mary L. Gray, MA, author of In Your Face: Stories from the Lives of Queer Youth

Lois EM Grebe

Jared Thomas Green, Student Senator, Grand Valley State Student Senate

Mark Green

Michele Greene

Miriam Greenwald

Heidi Grenke

Christine Gresser, Unitarian Universalist Church

Jeff Gricar

Alexander B. Griffith

Helen Grimes, Head of Sociology, Belfast Model School for Girls

Nicky Grist

Brandy Grondine

Alan M. Gross, Ph.D.

Barry Grossheim, Vice President, The Partnership Center, Ltd.

Erin Grothues

Maria Grundmann

Debra Guenther

Rev. Judith E. Guion-Utsler, M.Div, Ordained Elder, United Methodist Church

Lissa Gundlach

Mary Helen Gunn

Karen Guzzo, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Abigail Haddad

Kathleen E. Haendle

Debra W. Haffner

Anna C. Hagen

Christine Hagen, AASA

Adrianne Hairston

Amanda Hall

David K. Hall

Sharon Hall

Alan Hamilton, Bisexual Resource Center Board of Directors

Karen Hamilton

Margaret Hammitt-McDonald, Ph.D

Carol Hammon-Paulson, PhD, DMin, Licensed Psychologist, Assistant Professor at Wichita State University

Linda Hammond

Cathy Hampshire

Karla Handley

Alexis Y. Haney

Jessica Hanna

Ashley Hannan

Jeff Hannan

Brett Hansmeier

Elizabeth Hansen

Jacqueline Hanson

Lillian Hanson

Christopher Hanusa, Ph.D., Professor

Chaya Harash, MSW, Executive Director of PAIRS, Israel

Martha Hardy

Frances Hardzinski

Kate Harlan

Bryant K. Harris

Christina Harris

Kelly Lynn Harris

Mark C. Harris

Mark M. Harris, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, University of Iowa

Sheryl Harris, J.D.

Professor Toni Harrison, MA

Heidi Hart, Program Coordinator, Mainely Parents

Kimberly Hart, MA

Harry A. Hartigan

Cassandra Hartley

Jennifer N Hartley

Grayce Hartman

Bryan Hartshorn

William G. Hartwell

Miswita Harun

Melanie Havelin

James B. Harvey, M.A. in Ethics

Kenneth R. Haslam, MD, Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness

John R. Hawkins, CSW

Andrew Evan Hawthorn

Roena L. Haynie, Ph.D., MSW, ACSW, Associate Professor, Avila College

Carolyn Hazelwood

Mary Heafy

Lisa Healey

Celia Heath

Matthew Heath-Fitzgerald

Jeannie Heitzer, M.S, Lehigh University PhD student

Colin Hempstead

Christy Henderson

Rachel Henneck, Intern, Council on Contemporary Families

Nathan Hennick, UNO

Gail H. Henry

Kimberly Henry, BSW

Tali Hensley

C. McAuley Hentges, Ph.D.

Laurie Herbert

Peggy Herman

Nancy Hetherington, M. Div.,MSW, RI State Representative

Jeff Heuer

Marni Hickling/Makowka

Dorothy Hickson

Margaret Higgins, LSW

Janet Hildebrand

Kerri Hill

Debby Hilliard

Suzanne Hillman

Eddy Hin

Curtis Hinckley, Ed.M., Assoc. Professor (retired), Eckerd College

Priscilla B. Hinckley, M.A., Ed.D.

Susan Hinckley-Porter, M.A.

Matthew Hine, M.D., M.P.H.

Lisa Hines, LMSW

Susan Hines

David Hinkley, Webmaster/Counselor for the Foundation for Religious Freedom

Amy Hinton, MPA

Tara L. J. Hoch

Melodie Hodgart

Angela Hodges, M.CD.

Paul Hoffman, MSSA, LICSW

Selena Hoffman, EqualityOhio

Arlene Hofler

Latoya Holder, Delta Iota Lambda Sorority

Amy Holland

Courtney Kleypas Hollands, Acting Director of Religious Education, Community Unitarian Universalist Church

Margaret Hollinbeck, M.A.

Karen A. Holmes, Ph.D., Associate Profesor, University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work

Ronia Holmes

Caley Holt

Rev. Melvin A. Hoover, MDiv, Director of Faith in Action, Unitarian Universalist Association

Nancy R. Hoover, Ed.D, Dean

Wendy L. Hopfer

Rev. Janine L. Horst

Zabid Hossain

Denise Houseman

Candy Houston, CNA

Teri Roah Hu

Roxanne M. Huber

Danielle Huberdeau

Brett Hudoba

Eugene Huffman

Anne Hughes

Nicole Hull

Erica Hunter

G.Y. Hunter

Lia Hunter

Matthew Hurd, Attorney At Law

Emily Hurster

Zach Huset

Mokhtar Hussien

Debby Hutchins

Larry R. Hutson

Lindsay Hutton

Paul Ibbs

Teresa Iden

Thomas Iden

Kristin A. Igaki and Sven Nielsen

Natreka D. Iles

Samantha Infeld

Alan Ingram, MSW, JD, Executive Director, National Association of Social Workers, Minnesota Chapter

Gina Ingram

Anana Integre

REv. Kimberly Irish

Karen Isaacson

Bianca Kai Isaki, University of Hawai’I at Manoa

Andrea Isgro

Kirsten Isgro, M.A.

Loren Ivener

Emily Izenstein

Peter P. Jabin, M.Div., Diaconal Minister, N. Illinois Conference, United Methodist Church

Avis Jackson, Phi Theta Kappa, Psi Beta

Crystal Jackson

Roscoe Jackson, Senior Detective, Wayne County Sheriff Department

Dorothy L. Jackson-McGee

Mahkea Jackson-Sams

Lisa Jacobs, Conn-Bi-Nation

Solange Jacobs Randolph

Kristin Jacobsen

Nora Elisabeth Jaffary, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of History, University of Northern Iowa

Christie Jacox, MSW

Laura James

Suzanne Jarvis

Carol Jeffers

Chritsina Jeffries

Alan Jenkins

Christina Jenkins

Dana Jenkins

Amber Jensen

Crystal Jewel

April Jewell

Manou Joassaint

Ivan John, MA, MEd, MPhil, Dept. of Sociology, Sophia College, India

Aaron Johnson

Aislyn Johnson

Alyssa Johnson

Brad Johnson, M.D.

Carlos B. Johnson, Health Coordinator, Ohio Department of Health

Kirsten R. Johnson

Linnea Johnson, Ph.D.

Nate Johnson

Sherry Lynn Johnson

Rev. Sprite G. Johnson, M.Div., United Church of Christ

Stephanie Johnson

Tim V. Johnson

Terry Floyd Johnson, Ph.D.

Tyler Johnson, BFA in Graphic Design

Kara Johnson-Smith, LGMFT, Family Therapist

Kate Johnston

Laura Johnston, New Mexico Govenor’s AIDS Task Force

Megan Joiner, All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington DC

Anne Jonas

Andrea Jones, BSN

Gay E. Jones

Janet Jones, M.Ed.

Kathleen Jones

Monica Jones

Tasha Jones

Kate Jonuska

Matthew Jordan

Pamela A. Jordan

David William Jorgensen

Andrew Josly

Erin Joslyn

Mary Anne Joyce

Erin Joyner

Jeanette Jozwiak

Lani Ka’ahumanu, Co-Editor, Bi Any Other Name; Board of Directors, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Joan Kabaria

Erica Kagan, Direct Action to Stop Homophobia

Jodi Goodman Kahn, M.A.

Sarah Kale

Marnie Kaler

Maxine Kamp; Arthur I. Karpf

Jean Kantambu Latting, DrPH, MSW, Professor, University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work

Stephen Karpf, J.D.

Jodi D. Karstad-Clark, Artistic Director, Vermont Renaissance Festival

Theresa Kashin

Andrea L. Kassner, PRIDE

Jennifer Kaufman

Connie Kauppi

K.A. Kavanagh

Mary Kavanaugh

Betsy Kay

Lori Keenan

Joan Keener

Shirley A. Keeton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Central Florida

Amy E. Kehoe

Douglas Keith, MMT, MT-BC, Music Therapist

Rebecca Keller Scholl

Melinda Kellerson

Daniel Kennedy

Wendy S. Kelly

Susan K. Kennedy, MSN, MPH

Laura Kennell

Jo Kenny

Richard Kerr, Co-Chair, Blue Pride (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Employees Association)

Rebekah Kerry

Laura T. Kessler

David C Keysor

Gale Oliver Kibby

Endashaw Kifle

John Kilguss

Gregory J. King, BSE, MA, MBA

Gail Kinney

Jennifer Kirby

Sherry Lester Kircus, R.N., B.S., M.A., Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Karen Kitting

Peter Klassen

Mary Klehr

Kim Klein

Louise H. Klein

Marge Klein, MSW, Executive Director, The Guidance Center

Liz Kleinberg, Southern Poverty Law Center

Sara D. Knapp

John Knowles

Kathy Knowlton, MSW

Lara Knudsen

Jeremy Koch

Tina Kohfield, MA, SSW

Julie K. Kohler, Ph.D.

David Kolodney, M.A. Philosophy

Chris Korben

Earl W. Koteen

Lisa Krahne

Jonathan Krall, Ph.D.

Andrea Kresge

Ely Kresiel

Jill Kreuer

Bryan Kroes

Ty Krohn

Kortney Kropp

Larisa Krutik

Claire Kuczluski

Kevin Kuehlwein, Psy.D., Adjunct Associate Professor, MCP-Hahnemann University

Liesel Kuhr

Nancy Kushigian, Ph. D., University of California, Davis

Chip Kyle

Mary Kyle

Jeanne LaBore

Randi Lacey

Jamie Lacivita

Dan Lacy, Southwest Regional Director of OutScouts

Patricia LaFever

Charmien LaFramenta, M.A.

Susan E. Laing

Roger Lake, MFT

Meaghan Lamarre

Camille Lamb, Penn State University

Guy LaMothe

Stephanie Lange

C. Alexander Lanham, R.N.

Katherine LandsdowneChiara Lane

Joe Lapsley, University of Illinois at Chicago

April Larrabee

Monica Lashley

Ohad Lavi

Della Lawhon

Carmah Lawler, MSW

Katie Lawson

Kimberley Leadford

Rachael Lebedeva, M.S., Clinical Psychology

Lee LeBlanc, LMT, Co-founder National Medical Massage Group

Mike Ledoux

Charles E. LeDuc

Carson Lee

Monica Lee

Naeyun Lee

NTanya Lee, Director of Youth Policy, Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth

Ryan Lee

Yeoh Hooi Lee

Elizabeth Leenhouts, M.S.

Heather Legener

Phil Lelle

Kimana LeMaster

Gene Le Mastre

Kim Leon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Missouri

Avery Leonard, Phillips Exeter Academy

Tara Leonard

Veronica Lepore

Michelle Lerner, J.D.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Political Alliance of Massachusetts

Bethany L. Letiecq. Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Development, Montana State University

Arlene Istar Lev, CSW-R, CASAC, Choices Counseling and Consulting

Janet Lever, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles

Sharon Levine

Blake Lewis

Danielle J. Lewis

Donald Lewis, D.O.

Robert Michael Lewis

Simone Lewis

Felicia Libo

Rebecca Liddle

Tucker Lieberman

Jennifer Lilya

Tom Limoncelli, Co-Founder, BiZone NJ

Tracy Lindsay

Kristen Lindtvedt

Randy Linnen

Leandra Lipson, Volunteer Coordinator, Working for Equality and Economic Liberation

Arlena Lites

Barbar McKusick Liscord

Stuart M. Loecker

Richard R. Lohmeyer, Sexuality Educator, Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring

Chavonne A. Long

Shara Long

Tammera L. Long

Karawynn Long

Nicola K. Lonski

Sandra A. Lopez, MSW, Clinical Social Worker

Rosalind Lord

Virginia Lore

Suzanna Loper

Edwin Lotero

Jennifer Louten

Edward K. Low, Esq.

Dana Luciano

Andrea Ludivico

Terry L. Lumish

Max M. Lund

Emily S. Lutenski

Lucius Luther, MA

Jennifer Lyle

Maura Jo Lynch

Michael Lynn

Alissa Lynn-Katin

Karynna Lynne

Jean Lyon

Steve Lyons, MSW

Clive Lyons

Constance Lyttle

Liz MacDonald

Marcy MacDonell, RRT

Donough MacNamara

Patricia Maddox

Patricia Maddox, M.A., Sociology

Russell Maddox

jacqueline madison

Gayle Madwin

Cathleen Maes

Shannon Majewski

Lisa A. Makros, M.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook

John M. Malan

Matthew Malek, MA, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Kathleen P. Malinsky, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, The University of Sarasota

Michelle Malloy, P.A.

Teresa Mally

Sandra Malone

Mary Manchester

Susan Mann, M.S., LCSW, Child Development/Family Relations Specialist

Patricia Manns-Birmingham, Licensed Independent Social Worker

Sita Mansour

Larissa March

William C. Marcotte, PHR

Michelle A. Marcus

Nicole M. Marginian, J.D.

Rachid Marhoum, MBA, translator at Moscow University

Franny Marion

Rabbi Jeffrey M. Marker

Kelly Markham

Molly Marking

Cara Marinucci, Licensed Professional Counselor, Strengthening Families Coordinator at Region Ten CSB

Sean Marr

Dorianne Marsh

Thomas J. Marshall

Michl Marschll

Angella Martilla

Ketti Martwick

Lillian Maselli

Summer Massey

Mukhtiar Ali Mastoi, doctor

Jennifer L. Matheson, M.A.

Sarah L Matthew

Amy Matthews

Christopher Matthews, Ph.D.

Sarah Maurer

Katherine Mayerovitch

Tina McAdams

Raeanne McAlister

Harold McCadden

Sarah-Elizabeth McCarren

Elaine Clark McCarthy, Author of The Falconer

Karen McCarthy

Daphne L. McClellan, Ph.D., MSW, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Maryland

Natalie McLellan

Nancy McClernan

Angylee McClintock

Amy I. McClure

Terry McCrossan, RT, RTMR

Jeannette McDonald

Lori McDonald

Victoria McDonnell

Mary McGhee, M.S.Ed.

Andrea Jade McGilway

Jennifer M. Mc Gowan, RCS, RVS

Molly McGown

Bridgid McGrath, Assistant Director of YMCA Before and After School Childcare Program at Mclane Elementary

Rachel McGuire

Sheilah McKee, RN

John McKenna, MS. Ed.

Colin McKenzie

Erin McLaughlin

Sandra McMahon

Jana McMasters

Laura McMasters

Lolita D. McNeal

Monica McNeely

David McReynolds, Socialist Party presidential candidate

Teresa McShane

Jennifer Mealor

Christy Means

Douglas Mecum, Church of the Natural Way

Mariana Medina

Rev. E. Rhiannon Melanson

Robin Mello, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater

Andrew Melzer

Anastasia-Frances Mendez, Minister, Universal Life Church

Marianne Mercer

Rev. Linda Meredith, M.Div.

Emily Merrithew

T. Merryweather, MPH , MSW

Katrina Messenger

Sabrina Messenger

Jeremy Meyer, MPH

Susan Meyer

Ruth Miale

Brittaney Michielsens

Loretta Middleton

Jenny Mikulski, Cofounder, Ithaca City of Asylum

Alicia Miles

David Miles

Chris Milianis

Jaye Miller, Project Permanent

Jeri Lynn Miller

Rev. Mark Miller, D.D., Ph.D., Church of Religious Freedom

Penelope Miller

Renee Miller

Stephani Miller

Stephen J. Miller, D.Min., Pastor, Memorial Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Wendy Miller

Chloe Persian Mills, M.A., American Classical League & Ithaca High School

Kelli L. Minor, MHDL, NCC, Cameron Valley Psychotherapy & Counseling Associates

Gina Minton-Gilcher

Beth Mirarchi

Chicko Miratsuka

Carmen Mirochna

Janet Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell

Joy Mlozanowski, M.S.

Kathleen Anne Moffett-Durrett, MSSW, CSW, former Executive Director, Kentucky Chapter National Association of Social Workers

Christopher Mogil, Executive Director, More Than Money

Kathy Mohlfeld, MSW, LMHP, CMSW

Giokazta Molina, MFA

Steven J Molnar

Joellynn K. Monahan

Elizabeth Monnin

Rhianna Montgomery

Joey Mooney, Communist Party, USA

Martha V. Moore

Paula Moore, NCTMB

Rhi Moore

Tami L. Moore

Robert Moran, L.C.S.W.

Jessica Mordsley

Dana Morgan, Wiccan HPs

Kendra Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Ann M. Morris

Jeff S. Morris, President and Chief Technical Officer, The Xensei Corporation

Sara Morsey

Elizabeth Moyer

Kris Mrosla

Kevin A Mueller

Elke H. Muller

Evan Mulvaney

Simona D. Munson

Bev Murphy

Colleen L. Murphy

Elizabeth Murphy

Karen Murphy

Megan J. Murphy, M.S., LMFT, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, Marriage and Family Therapy Program

Sara Murray

Connie M. Musilek

Robin Myers

Shirley Myers

Michael Naas

Heather Narduzzi

Ranjana Natarajan, Esq.

Karin Nealon

Mandy Neff, Director of Religious Education, Melrose Unitarian Universalist Church

Amber Nelson

Chris Nelson, Northern Nevada Community Group Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Laurie Nelson

Erica C. Neuman, M.S., Senior Producer, ThiveOnline / Oxygen Media

Kellie Nevin

Gabrielle New

Ronda Newton

Chieu Nguyen

Zoe Nicholie

Amanda Nichols

Gwendolyn Niesen, MSW

Christina Nightwind Survivor

Robin A. Niles

Tiffany Nixon, NAR

Stuart Noble, B.Sc.

Wendy Norris

Barry Northrop, Loving More Magazine

AJ Northup

Linda Noss, LPN

Eric Nutt

Molly M Nuzzo

Joshua L. Nye

Courtney O’Brien

Sheila O’Brien, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and American Studies, University of Idaho

Santiago Ochoa, B.A., Co-founder of the Venezuelan Transhumanist Association

Robyn Ochs, Ed.M., Author, Bisexual Resource Guide; Visiting Lecturer, Tufts University

Anne O’Connor, HR, Payroll, and Benefits Systems Analyst

C. O’Connor

Kristen A. Ogilvie, MA

Shannon Okey

Hope Okpeku

Robert O’Leary

Veronica Oliva

Corey Oliver

Rev. Anna Olson, Associate Rector, Holy Faith Episcopal Church

Gina Olson, Queer to the Left

Richard Onero

Rebecca Operhall

Jaime Lopez Ortega

Daniel O’Shea

Ian Osmond

Angela Ottinger

Amy L. Otto, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Albion College

Carey Overby

Nicole M. Oviedo

Anthony J. Pabon, MSW

Alison Pacuska, MA

Polly Pagenhart, M.A., writer

Manacy Pai

Charles Pailthorp

Mara Palmer

Lois Palumbo

Kathleen Pannhorst, M.A., Social Policy

Andrea Panniero

Kayleigh Pardoe

Karen Parker

Elizabeth Parkhurst

Kealah Parkinson

Joanie Parks

Stella Parra, MD

Lance Parry, Webmaster,

Breanne Patarini

Jennifer Patashnick

Monica Pate

Becky Patterson, MSHA

Wendelin A Patterson

Edward Pazzanese, Cultural Views

Louis Pearlman

Mark S. Pedersen

Maxine Pegors

Joe Peh, LL.B

Jeremy L. Peirce, Ph.D.

Jonnie Pekelny

Kayla Pennington

John B. Peoples, M.Ed.

Amber Perdue

Marianne Perine

Angela Perison-Hopkins

Robert C. Perkins, Ph.D

Melissa Perna

Erin Perry

Les Perry

Lynn Mulkeen Perry

Elizabeth Perry-Rydz

Katie Perttunen

Amanda Peter

Holly Peterson

Trudi Peterson, Ph.D

Jessica Phillip

David Phillips

Lana C. Phillips, M.Ed

Madeleine Phillips

Melissa Pierce

Tabitha Pierzchala

Jennifer Pike

Roxann Pierce

Sabrina D. Pinion, M.Ed, Mental Health Counselor

Helena Pisetsky, M.S.

Jeremy Pittman, Chair, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Political Alliance of Massachusetts; Unmarried Equality Board Member

Rose Platt

Paula Plew

Sarah Plumb

Wendy Plunkett

Travis Plunk

Jonathon Poe, MSW

N. Pollack, MPA, Employment Supervisor

Dianne Porter

Roy C. Porterfield

Nina M Postlethwaite, M.S., Branch Finance Officer, American Association of University Women

Linda R Powers, M.S., Teacher

Jennifer R. Pournelle, M.A., Senior Editor, University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

Joe Pourroy

Leo Pradeep

Kim Pratt

Steve Premo, Esq.

Nellie Prest

Michael Preston

Crystal Price

Roger K Price

Deborah Prince

Dave Pruett, Retired Minister, Christian Church

Alan M. Puckett

Katy Puckett, MSW, MS, LCSW

Kristie E. Puckett

Teresa A. Pugh

Janet M. Qualkenbush

Jean K. Quam, MSW, PhD, Director and Professor, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota

Jessica Quilty

Tracy Quin

Susan Radcliffe-Vasile, MA

Tim Rader

Sarah Radford

Paul R. Raffoul, MSW, PhD., Associate Professor, University of Houston, Graduate School of Social Work

Kellie Raines

Michael Raney

James N. Range III

Christopher Rasmussen, MS

Lloyd Warren Ravlin III

Rebecca Ray, CEO of Partners In Communication, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Michelle Rayburn

Roger Raymond

Elizabeth Rayson, MA

Hannah T. Rea

Melody Rector, Church of All Worlds

Jennifer Reddish

Vanita Reddy

A.J. Redford

Gwendolyn Reece, M.A., M.S.

Margaret Regensburg, MSW, CASAC, of the NASW

Rev. Jonathan Reich

Corinne Reilly

Nicole Reinelt

Andrew Reinert, Professor, Kenyon College

Mark Reinert

Elizabeth A. Reinheimer

Sabrina Renka

Kim Renner

Jessamyn Ressler-Maerlender, Parent Educator, Parents As Teachers program, Ingham County Health Department

Denise M. Reuter, Ed.D.

Myriam Reynolds, M.A.

Lisa Rheling

Alexandra C. Rhetts

Roland Rhoades

Janna Rhodes

Kimberley Rhodes

Moore Rhys, A.B. (Community Health), Public Administration Analyst, UCLA

Angela Rice

Elnora Rice

John Duane Rice, Pagan/Wiccan Priest

Amy Rich

Ellen M. Richard

Eric S. Richard, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, CCM, Director of Programs & Case Management, Tennessee Hemophilia Foundation

Jen Richard

Charles Richards, Jr.

Joy Richards

Rev. Reg C. Richburg, Director, Kairos Institute for Spiritual
Guidance; Clergy, MCC Church

David Richter

Michael Richters, MBA, Certified Investment Management Consultant

Julie Anne Rickman

Christina Rider, LMT

Brad Ridky

Henry Riley

Rev. Meg A. Riley, Director, Washington Office for Faith in Action Jacob Robertson, RN, BSN, Paralegal

Diane Rinelli

Bobette Riner, MSW

Christien Rioux

Philip E. Rivers

Kristin Roat

Tamara Dianne Roberson

Anna Roberts

Deborah Roberts, BA (Hons) PGDip, BASW

Keith Roberts

Madeline Roberts, BSW

Craig Robertson

Maggie Robinson

Margaret M. Robinson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, School of Social Work

Karen Robison

Diane Roby

Karlee Willa Eli Rockey

Diany Rodriguez

Mary Roffers, M.S. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Anthropology Dept.

Jennifer Rokeby-Mayeux

Bill Rogers

Briana Rogers

Michael Rogers

Rena Rogers, BAed, BS, MS

Lisa Rohrbough

Randall S. Roll, MSSW, LCSW

Sabina Romanowska

Denise Romesburg

Jena Root, Ph.D.

Ira Jat Rosen, MSW

Jennifer Rosenbaum, M.A. in Gender/Cultural Studies

Paul C. Rosenblatt, Ph.D., Morse Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota

Rev B. Allan Ross,

Georganne Ross

David Rostcheck

Amy Rothman, A.S.

Chip Roush

Gessika Rovario-Cole

Lackey Rowe, BA, JD

Linda Roxberg

Christy Camille Roy

Art Rueblinger

Betty Jeanne Rueters-Ward

Kirstin Ruff

Peter M. Ruggiero

Sharlene Ruiz

David Rumley

Sara L. Rushing

Laura A. Russell, Esq., Director, SHIELD Program

Nancy Russell

Timothy D. Russell

Christina Rustigan

Lois Rutherford Schibner

Ellyn Ruthstrom, Editor, BiWomen, Boston Bisexual Women’s Network

Philip A. Rutter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Counselor Education, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center

Sami Abu Saad, PH.D, Professor

Jamie Saben

Lori Sabin

Maki Saito

Lee Sahlaney

Jenny Salata

Natalie Saldana

Devan Kelli Sales

Jeanne Salt

Malissa Samples, RN

Murray Sampson

Carlos J. Sanchez, MA

Amanda Sanders

Ingrid Sanders

Shoshana Sanders

Stacia Sanders

Heather Sankey, M.D., Medical Director, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

Peter Sanzenbacher

Marilyn Sargent

Carmen Sastre, MSW

Alicia Sauer, Art Director

Kendra Saunders, Ph.D., Professor, Millersville University

Margery C. Saunders, MSW, Director, Public Policy Education Programs, Center for Women in Government

Kate Savage

Chris Sawatzky

Michele Scalpi

Susan Scammell

Shea Scanlon

Maria Scannapieco, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Andrea Scarpino

Becky Schaffner

Sandra Schachat

Christina Schelin

Thomas Schicker, M.S.

Elizabeth Schirmer

Jamie Schmidt, MA

Kathryn Schnaible

Cathy Schneider

Jodi Schneider

Max A. Schneider, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry (Addiction Medicine), Un. Cal. at Irvine College of Medicine

Diana Schnitzer

Elizabeth Schou

Allan Schramm, Ph.D., MSW, Bassett Hospital

Elizabeth Schroeder, MSW

Rhonda Schroeder

Mark Schubin

Johanna Schuster-Craig

Annette Schwabe, Ph.D.

Mel Schwartz, Marriage Equality of California

Emily Schwerin

Amy Scott

Gillian Scott

Charisse Sebastian

Jill Seidenstein

Jay A. Sekora, Co-Founder, Poly Boston

Osha Sempel

Angela Senarighi

Gina Senarighi

Rudy Senarighi, B.S. M.A., Retired Educator

Aaron Sethman

Rev. Arthur G. Severance, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio

Rachel Sevier

Tracy Seymour

Judith K Shaffer, Ph.D., Professor, State of Connecticut

Susan Shain

David Sharma

Edie Sharp

Michelle Shaw

Susan M. Shaw, First Unitarian Universalist Society, Syracuse, NY

Violetta Shekinah

Karen Sheldon, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boulder

Deborah Shell, LICSW, Clinical Director, Cape and Islands Gay and Straight Youth Association

Lisa Shen

Tay Arrow Sherman

Catherine A. Sherwin

Kristen Shonborn

Alexis Shotwell

Elaine Shumilla

Heather Shute

Dick Siefers, MBA, Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City

Danielle Siegel

Karl G. Siewert, MLIS, Librarian

Gabrielle Silverman, Executive Director, Coalition of Colors

R. S. Silverman

Clara S. Simmons, LISW

Earl Simmons

Judy Simmons

Vernon Simmons, Child Welfare Trainer

Jacquelin Simoes, Owner, Rainmaker Designs

Julie D. Simpson

John Sinclair, MSW

Dan Singer, Boston Dungeon Society: The Next Generation

Pastor Jon Singletary, MSW, M.Div.

Carol Sitrin, MSW

Anna Skiba-Crafts

Melissa Skiles

Anna D. Skinner

Robin Skyler

Jennifer Slashinski

Debi Slaughter

Anne Slepian, Executive Director, More Than Money

Anna L Smead, CEO Smead House, Tacoma-Olympia Polyamorous

Angelica Smith

Christie Ahlgrim Smith

Jennifer Smith

Larry Smith

Paul Smith

Rebecca S. Smith

Rick Smith, DDS

Robin W. Smith

Valerie A. Smith

Wayne H. Smith, Ph.D

Rachel Smith-Mosel

Len Smolen, M.S.Ed./Counseling, Director –

Deborah Snouffer

Jo Solonika

Michael Somervill

Theresa Soriano, MD, MPH

Karen Sosnoski, Ph.D.

Jennifer Sorensen

Annie Sosman

Pela Soultatou, MSc, PhD

DM Spector

Lindsay Speer

Rachel Speer

Julie Speers

Jill W. Spellman, MSW

Gwendolyn Spence

Naomi Spence, PhD

Samantha Spinelle

Jan W. S. Spoor

Marijah Sroczynski, Chair, NJLA-GLRT

Leah St. Laurent

Herbert F. Stackhouse III

Herbert F. Stackhouse, M.A., Mathematical Statistician

Sdjar Stakic

Carrie Stakem, C.Ph.T.

Hannah Stampe

Michael F. Stample, Ph.D., MFT

Sherbert Stancey, Ph.D.

Rev. Betty Stapleford, Minister, Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Juan David Martin y Stark

Chelsea Starr, Ph.D., Research Scholar, UCLA Center for the Study of Women

Julia Steed

Robyn Steely, Union organizer

Jenn Steinfeld, Co-Chair, Marriage Equality Rhode Island

Maria A. Steriti

Carolyn B. Stevens

Jamie Skye Stevenson

Matthew Stewart

Rachel Stewart

Eric Stiles, MD, MA

Susan E. Stiritz, MBA, Ph.D., Washington University

Kathleen Stockton

Riley Stoermer

Jennifer Stoltenburg

Chris D. Stordahl

Lisa Stone

A. Storch, LCSW

Katherine J. Strandburg, Ph.D., J.D.

Lyn Strangland Camerson

Rev. Jacqualine Strathman, Associate Minister, Garden of the Great Spirit, An Aquarian Age Church

Charles Strauss

Douglas S Striker, A.B.

Rev. Linda Strohmier, M.Div., MA

Mary Stromquist

Rita Styer

William Styer

Laura Anne Stuart

Charlotte Sulivan

G Lynn Svensson, Director, Day Labor Research Institute

Paul Swanson, BSCS, Inventor

Theresa Swayne

Raymond Sweeney, Ebionite Liberationist Association

Robert Swift

Kate Swope

Deanna Sylte

Karen Sylte-Munson, MFA, Creative Writing

Tina Symons

Roman B. Sypko, MA

Sue Surekha Tabron, Unitarian Universalist

Jen Talbot

Constantine Taliouridis, Clinical Fellow in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry

John Tambornino, Ph.D., Fellow with the Center for the Study of American Government, Johns Hopkins University

Tonya Tarr

Shirley Tatro

Sarah F. Taub, Ph.D., Professor of Linguistics, Gallaudet University

Andy Taylor

Cassie Taylor

Chris Taylor, Gay and Lesbian Resource Center of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Dennis Taylor

Jennifer L. Taylor, RN

Laura Taylor, VP Community Services, Planned Parenthood

Lisa McAdams Taylor, Ordained Reverend Priestess (Pagan)

Patti L. Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Scott W Taylor, High Priest (Pagan)

Wilson Taylor, Ph. D., Professor of Biology at U. of Wisconsin

Rev. Melinda Taylor-Kelly, Elder, Puget Sound Pagan Alliance

Kelly L. Techout

Rachel Tedesco

Tara Teel

Alex Robertson Textor, MA

Jacquie Thesen, RN

Rachel Thiet, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of New Hampshire

Darlene Thrawl, CEO, I Sav U More

Brandy Tibbs

Leonore Tiefer, Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dara Tierney

Molly Thomas

Lara Thompson

Marcy Thompson

Meghan Thompson

Pamela Thompson

Rev. Thalia Tielemans, Eleutheria Enterprises

Melissa Tieman

Betty B. Timberlake

Jereme Tirschmann

Jo Paully Tittsworth, Director, The Society For The Second Self, Inc., Chair, Houston Transgender Unity Community

Dana Tjosvold

Vicki Tobias

Gwen Todd

Rev. George C.B. Tolleson, M.Div., Unitarian Universalist Minister

Jerry Tomaszewicz, Jr.

Kathryn S Tompkins

Travis Toon

Annelisa Tornberg

Kari Tornow

Nancy Torres-Vignola

Brenda Totten

Stacie Traill

Kirk Tran

Kasie Tregre, US Navy

Stacey Trichka, NCTMB, AMTA

Terrence Rogers Trick

Elizabeth Tripi, Esq.

Joshua Truax

Margaret Truman

Eric O. Troldahl

Anne Troop

Edward W. Troughton

Kathy Tucker

Kori Tucker

Larry Tucker, Paralegal

Sean Tucker

Debra Turkat

Ilaria Turrio

Markie Twist, MA, MEd, CDCI, Iowa State University

Mindy Rose Tyler

Cass Tyson

Jean Udani

Amanda Uloth

Ushma Upadhyay, MHA

Charlene A. Urwin

Valerie V. Valeska

Alan Vallazza

Jim Van Buskirk

Barbara van Davis, M.A.

Katrien Van Den Bosch, M.A.

Linda Van Dyk

Katherine Van Hauen

Hope Van Hollander

Stephen C. Vandivere, M.S.

Jayson Vantuyl

Frederick Vaughn

Susan Vaughn

Keith Veeder

Alex Vega, MSW

Carol Veizer, Executive Director, NJ Center for the Healing Arts

Kate Vettel

Beatrice Vicere

Edward Vigneau

Maria Lourdes Virrey

Vicki Vitiello

Hilda Vleugels

Edith V. VonWeltin

Mary Ann Vorasky

Lisa Voyias, M.S., Holistic Health Counselor, Educator

Eli Wadley

Addie Wagenknecht, MFA, A. Design Co.

Andrea Wagnon

Brock Waldron

Diana Leigh Waldron

Vincent M. Wales, Founder, Polyamory Awareness & Acceptance Ribbon Campaign

Jennifer Walker, public school teacher

Jessica B Walker

Yldann Walker

Robert Wall

Susie Wallace

Jo Anne Wallen, MSW

Joan F. Walsh, Ph.D.

Kimberly A. Ward

Andrea M. Warren

Chris Warren

Elizabeth Washer

Rick Waters

Crystal Ann Weaver

Kate Webb

Matthew Webb

Anya Ryder Weber, Editor, Reading/Language Arts, Houghton Mifflin Company

Barbara L. Weber, MSW, Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Miami Valley Unitarian Fellowship

Danae Weber

Denise Weber

Kelly P. Webster

Rev’d Peter Weeks, B. Theol, Uniting Church in Australia

Mike Weinrauch. MSW, KY Cabinet for Families & Children

Geri Weitzman, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Reverend Judy Welles, M.Div., Co-minister, Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley

Shawn Welling

Debra H. Wells

Luann Harris Wells

Jennifer Wendeln

Caitlin West

Robert West, Ph. D., Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Christina Westmoreland

Lynda Weston

Alan Wexlblat, Ph. D., Author of The PolyBureau

Judy Wheal

Kathryn Wheetley

Dave White, Harriet Tubman Center

Kamilla K. White

Mary Whybark

Jennifer Wihebrink

Gigi Raven Wilbur, MSW

Aloysius A. Wild III

C. M. Wilde

Sarah Wilkins

Monica S. Willett

Caryl William

Amy Williams

Beth Williams

Chris Williams

Dana Williams, M.A.

Melissa S Williams

Rev. Pam Williams, Covenant of the Goddess

Russell Williams, MSW, LCSW, Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine

Bob Willis

Kimberly Wills

Gillian Wilson, L.L.B., M.B.A.

Kim Wilson, M. Div., Intern Minister, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship

Mark Wilson, M.S., President, Crescent NG

William Wilson

Amy Wing

Natasha Iron Wing

Joseph Winn, MSW, LICSW

Sara S. Winn

Charles M. Winter, J.D.

Michael Withers

Andrea Woldridge

Brandon Wolf

Carol J. Wolf

William Wolfe

Gina Wolfe

Francine M Wolfe-Johnson

Celestine Woo, PhD

Elizabeth Anne Wood, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Nassau Community College

Nicole Wood

Ruth Wood

Zoe Breen Wood, MSW, Instructor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Nikki Woodhouse

Jeni Woods, EMT/PS

Alethea D. Woodworth

Katie Worley

Bernadette Wright

Kalem Wright

Kyra Wright

Tammy Wright

Tasha J. Wright

Kate Wulf

Dawn R. Wyman

Jen Wyman

Kate Xavier

Joseph A. Yacino, CFT

Jordan Yacyshyn

Lorna J. Yamamoto

Fr. Scott Yancey HP, DD, Church of Divine Realization

Dennis M. Yates

Diane Yates

Vanessa Rose Yengo

Alexa Yesukevich

Angela Yin, BA, GradDip Soc. Admin.

Leed W. Yorkshire

Ed Younce

James Younce

Timothy Young, Ph.D.

Joi Young

Nicole Ysabet

sylvia zacker

Jacqueline Locklear Zapata, MSW

Thomas R. Zavesky Jr.

E. Suzanne Zavis

Ben Zeman

Fred Zeytoonjian

Tanya Ziegler

Libby Zimmerman, Ph.D. LICSW

Jonathan Zucker, Director, The Allies Project

Vera M. Zlidar

Zach Zulkowsky