Here’s How to Write in Support of an Expanded Definition of Family

Do you want the people you care about to count, even if they are not related to you by marriage or blood? You can ask the Department of Labor to expand the definition of family as it applies to paid sick leave. Activists from “A Better Balance” and “Family Values @ Work” have prepared a […]

UE Statement on Obergefell v. Hodges

Unmarried Equality joins in the celebration of the Supreme Court’s long overdue decision that marriage will now be a CHOICE for all! We also call on the U.S. to remember all of us are not married — single people and those in relationships who choose not to marry or cannot marry for a variety of […]

A Single Man Is Running for President

In this article at the Huffington Post, Sam Stein reports on the politics of a bachelor candidate for President. He interviews Thomas F. Coleman, longtime activist and founder and Executive Director of opponents of marital status discrimination when the group was called the American Association for Single People. Read the article here.

Cleveland Cuts Benefits for Unmarried Opposite Sex Couples

In Cleveland, unmarried opposite sex couples are no longer eligible for domestic partner benefits. UE Board Chair Sarah Wright tells the reporter what’s wrong with that,

More Companies Are Telling Same-Sex Couples to Get Married or Lose Their Benefits

As same-sex marriage victories pile up, more and more employers are dropping domestic partner benefits, telling their gay and lesbian employees that if they want benefits, they will have to marry. Read more about it at the Wall Street Journal.

Unmarried Equality Petitions Condo Association to Stop Discrimination on the Basis of Marital Status

In response to a story out of Florida, UE has launched a petition to stop a condo association’s refusal to sell units to unmarried couples and families. The practice not only violates the rights of qualified purchasers, it prevents association members from marketing to the largest pool possible when selling their properties. Let them know […]

Singles Over 50 Giving Up the “Hunt”

In AARP’s The Magazine August/September issue, Marion Winik talks about the fulfilling lives of older singles – and the enjoyment of relieving themselves of the search for a partner.

Washington Post Surveys Those Under 50 About Having Children, Single Parents, and Changing Families

There are some interesting results in this survey. It’s a small sample size, so not scientific by any means. Still, it’s worth a look.

Judge tells lesbian couple to separate — or lose kids

Dallas – Laws that were written to keep different-sex partners out of the house after divorce are now aimed at same-sex couples. The laws are antiquated and need to be repealed. This effects all unmarried people, not just same-sex couples! Here’s the article.

Why Our Tax Code Penalizes the Marriage-Free

New York Times –  Sunday Dialogue: Lifestyle and Taxes   The author raises the obvious complaint about how unfair the U.S. tax code is.  Some of the reponses underscore ignorance about how expensive it is to live without marriage benefits.