New Name, New Look – Same Mission!

Welcome to the website of Unmarried Equality.  Unmarried Equality began as the “Alternatives to Marriage Project” over 12 years ago.  Our name is shorter and easier to remember, but our mission has not changed. (Name and logo rationale documents.)

If you believe that unmarried people have the same worth and dignity as married people, this is where you belong.  Members of Unmarried Equality believe that discrimination on the basis of legal marital status is unfair and counterproductive in a society that cares for all its members.

If you would like people to understand the realities of life as an unmarried person, this is where you belong.  Unmarried people are often “alone” by legal designation only.  In truth, unmarried people are singles with rich support circles, cohabitors, parents, and/or people who identify as polyamorous.

If you are tired of being encouraged to marry by family, friends, or society as a whole, this is where you belong.  You may know that marital status and a high quality of life are not necessarily linked.

If you are skeptical about the merits of “marriage promotion” as a means of alleviating poverty this is where you belong.  Poverty alleviation is a worthwhile goal, and there is no reason to go about it in an indirect and discriminatory manner.

If you care about the welfare of children and disagree with those who look down on unmarried parents, this is where you belong.  Children thrive in loving, caring families, and such families do not all look alike.

If you wonder whether you might have given up too much to have stayed in a marriage too long, this is where you belong.  Unmarried people are no more “selfish” than married people for making choices in how they spend time, money, and energy.

If you are curious about options for creating a fulfilling life in ways other than “one man and one woman joined in holy matrimony,” this is where you belong. 

If you are a married ally who recognizes that discrimination against unmarried people is unfair, this is where you belong.  Progressive social change movements have always required the support of allies.

If you are enthused by the possibilities and would like to make a financial contribution, this is where you belong.  Your contributions will be gratefully accepted and wisely used.  You may contribute here.



  1. Love your new look, only one thing i would change. Make the site compatable with mobile devices. I’m seeing a couple words chopped off at the right hand sife of my android screen. I’m assured that this is most likely being looked into. Just thought i would provide some well meant feedback.
    Again -welldone- on the new name, i agree it does reflect more of the meaning your ideals.
    Thanks keep up the great work, everybody.
    Richard England
    p.s. is there going to be a “meet & greet” section on this site? How about a section to search for “new” friends? Maybe one where members can post “happens”, events in thier areas?

  2. Paul Wisecaver says:

    When I first saw your new logo, my eye was drawn toward the stylized “E” in the center. My first reaction was the one it was meant to make: the stylization is meant to impress the equality we are striving for.

    But then it occurred to me that the stylization of the “E” actually represents another similar mathematical symbol… and so does the “U”. In set theory “U” means “union” and “≡” is the logical symbol for “is defined as”. So the central characters of your logo could be mathematically interpreted as “Union is defined as…” where no definition is given, or perhaps the definition is symbolized by the various people surrounding it.

    I found this secondary interpretation as very apropos and thought I might share.

    • Cindy Butler says:

      If you look at the first post, “New Name, New Logo, Same Mission,” you will see links for both the name and logo rationales. Thanks for your interesting interpretation!

  3. How do you become a registered user of this site?

    • Cindy Butler says:

      Find the “Sign Up” button near the top of the home page, next to the “Donate button.”

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