Unmarried Parenting Books & Links

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Unmarried Parents’ Rights (And Responsibilities), by Jacqueline Stanley, attorney at law (2005).
This legal guide is about the rights of unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship. It includes samples of forms and summaries of the laws in all 50 states.

Unmarried to Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple, by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller (2002).
Includes a chapter on unmarried parenting, including the legal issues to consider, how children feel about having parents who aren’t married, parental and societal approval and disapproval, what the research says about how children do in cohabiting families, adoption by unmarried couples, and special issues for unmarried stepfamilies.


Human Rights Campaign
The HRC has some of the most up-to-date legal information of any of our partner organizations.  Their mission is to support the LBGTQ community, but most of the issues around parenting are not gender-specific.

The Fair Parenting Project
A Canadian family laywer’s project to help create parenting plans for separated parents and their children.

Parenting Issues for Unmarried Couples
Answers to the most common legal questions about unmarried parenting.

Unmarried Couples’ Rights
A brief description of custody and visitation issues for unmarried couples and stepfamilies who break up.

LGBT parenting information is located in the LGBT Books & Links section.