Polyamory means different things to different people, but it generally involves honest, responsible non-monogamous relationships. This could take the form of an “open” relationship, or a group of three or more adults who are “monogamous” within their group (sometimes called polyfidelity), or a limitless set of other situations. The word polyamory means “many loves.”

Many people who are exploring polyamory also have an interest in alternatives to marriage. Some poly people choose not to marry because they feel marriage comes with an assumption of monogamy. Others can’t marry, either because it’s not legal to marry more than one partner at the same time, or because their partner is the same sex they are. Some poly people are married, but consider their relationship to be an “alternative to marriage,” or are in a group marriage.

Polyamory isn’t right for everyone. Most people in unmarried relationships want to be monogamous.  Among unmarried couples who are living together, 95% say they expect monogamy from their partner, and the percentage for married couples is only a few points higher. For those who find polyamory is the best fit for them, or who are interested in learning more about it, we’ve provided a resource page that lists helpful blogs, books and links.