Why Donate to Unmarried Equality?

UE is a small organization with a big vision.  Most of our funding comes from folks like you who believe that all individuals, relationships and families deserve recognition and support. If this work is important to you, please help.  In this section you’ll find:

How do I join UE?
Why should I join UE?
What will UE do with the money?
What can I offer besides money?

How do I join UE?

There are several ways you can make your donation to us. It’s safe, fast and easy to donate online through Network for Good or through Facebook Causes – just click one of these green buttons!  Please consider setting up a monthly or quarterly pledge. Regular giving ensures that UE has the resources it needs when it needs them, and that our resources are spent on important education, media and policy work instead of fundraising.

Or you can mail a check or money order, payable to Unmarried Equality, to:
Unmarried Equality
7149 Rivol Road
West Hills, CA 91307-1228

We also accept credit card donations by phone, 347-987-1068. If we’re not in the office when you call, leave a message letting us know you wish to donate and we’ll call you back.

Double your impact! Did you know that over 8,500 companies offer to match their employees’ charitable contributions? We have the list, so if you’re not sure whether your employer has a matching program, call 347-987-1068 or email us. We’ll look it up for you, and help you fill out any forms.

Why should I join UE?

Unmarried Equality is the only national nonprofit dedicated to ending discrimination against singles and unmarried relationships.  We don’t bombard you with email.  We do pack tons of useful information into our website and push the media to expose singlism and marital status discrimination.  In 2008 we started helping you contact public officials, and together we’ve scored important victories.

Government officials are now more open to change than they have been in years.  This is the best possible time to tell them about the reality of your life.  UE is your megaphone.

Members like you have asked us to focus on ending marital discrimination.  We’re committed to
educating hundreds of decision-makers about why your relationship status shouldn’t affect your costs of insurance, access to housing, ability to represent each other in decision-making, and so on.

What will UE do with the money?

We do all this with only one employee and a total budget less than $50,000.  We could do so much more – if we had you on our side!  Please become a contributing member today.

We’re proud of our money management habits. Here are four reasons you can trust UE to manage each dollar responsibly in service of our mission.

  • UE is solvent. In fact, thanks to generous grants from the Abraham Fuchsberg Family Foundation and the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, UE’s financial position is stronger than ever before.
  • UE is thrifty. We’ve always done a lot with a little by relying on volunteers and free office space.
  • UE is disciplined. We don’t over-commit and we don’t spend money until we’re sure that new money is coming in. The executive director prepares monthly reports with the accountant for review with the treasurer; the finance committee reviews reports and updates the board of directors quarterly.
  • UE is transparent. Every donor receives an annual report that details the organization’s income, expenses, assets and liabilities, and describes whether and how we’ve met our programmatic goals. These reports are permanently posted at our website. UE is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible as allowed by law. UE is also registered as a charity with several states, and we’re adding new states as fast as we can.

What can I offer besides money?

Are you planning a wedding or commitment ceremony? That’s a perfect time to put UE in your registry and invite guests to give donations. This is a wonderful way to show your support for all relationships as you celebrate your own! You can let people know on your own, or use the wedding registry site JustGive.

Can you donate things like office supplies or equipment, services, or subscriptions?  Here are a few items we could especially use right now:

  • copy paper
  • photocopying services
  • frequent flyer miles
  • hotel nights
  • subscriptions to academic journals to help us keep up with the latest research on unmarried relationships, such as the Journal of Marriage and the Family or Demography.
  • memberships in organizations like the Council on Contemporary Families or the National Coalition for LGBT Health
Thanks so much for your support!